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Amazing Job!
Jennifer, Just writing to say how amazing Makai has been since coming back from your training. I was able to go on a 7 mile hike today with him and Jack (chocolate lab) off leash. ... (more) - Cliff Luce
Meet the Team
Meet the Team

Jennifer Broome, Founder

Quinebaug Kennels, LLC was founded by Jennifer Broome in 2001. Her experience extends from years of training and teaching. She is a highly professional, published author, and expert in raising and training dogs. Jennifer began her dog training career as a child. Her love of animals encouraged her to begin a dog walking and pet sitting service in her neighborhood. She quickly became an entrusted employee to many families that sought after her loving care and dedication to their beloved pets. As an avid outdoors woman and successful hunter, Jennifer simply loves spending time in the field with dogs. Clients travel from all over New England seeking Jennifer's advice as a prominent gun dog trainer. Her other passions include her artwork, fishing, shooting, and competing with her Arabian horse in endurance riding.

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Jason Smith, Operations Manager

Jason Smith is the silent force behind Quinebaug Kennels. He is Jennifer's husband, business partner and best friend. Jason and Jennifer built Quinebaug's new kennel complex themselves 9 years ago. It took a year to complete the building, working together as a team nearly every evening from 6pm until midnight. Currently, each season Jason works on new projects to add to the facility. Jason is an extremely talented custom builder. Since joining forces with Quinebaug full time in 2011, there is hardly a day that goes by where Jason is not on the farm solving maintenance problems, assisting employees, or on the tractor. He handles all of the "behind the scenes projects" such as the major day to day operations from ATV mechanic, to custom carpentry, to a supportive shoulder to cry on! Jason is a kind, caring animal lover and he allows QK to run like a well oiled machine. If it breaks, bleeds, or blows up....Jason can fix it! Jason is adored and respected by all who meet him, and he is Jennifer's greatest supporter.

Jan Kopec, Kennel Manager

Thank goodness for a license plate that read "Lab Lvr"! I saw this on a car parked at a bank and decided to leave my Quinebaug Kennels card on the window. Well it must have been fate, because that car owner quit her job (as a banker!) and has been with us for 8 years! Jan Kopec is the manager at Quinebaug Kennels, and she is truly spectacular. Jan loves dogs, plain and simple. Her yellow lab, Owen, and her black lab Jezzie, are her best friends. Jan is compassionate, caring, and manages the kennel superbly. She will give you updates on your dogs while they are here. For the many that stay with us for extended training, Jan will shed tears when they leave us! Our clients find Jan as well as the Quinebaug Kennels staff so personable, it is no surprise that many become our friends. Thank you Jan for all your hard work and dedication!

Patricia Barkas, Kennel and Dog Care Manager

Patricia Barkas has been with us for 5 years. She is our kennel assistant manager as well as our wonderful groomer. Patricia comes with a lifetime of dog handling experience and feels at ease helping with all aspects of canine care, from nutritional and health needs, to exercising and training. Patricia is simply in tune with the needs of dogs and quickly assesses each of our boarder’s temperaments and requirements so that they can be matched up with playmates (or NOT!). She knows how to keep our boarders happy, comfortable and content. Patricia is like a family member at Quinebaug Kennels and we adore her! “P” as we all call her is also extremely passionate about greyhound rescue and owns a wonderful greyhound rescue, Frankie, whom she has beautifully trained and given a wonderful loving home. Her newest pup is a lovely standard poodle named Chowder. Thank you so much Patricia for your outstanding dedication, devotion and commitment to Quinebaug Kennels!

Sharon Ywarsky, Obedience Trainer

We are happy to have Sharon back with us! Sharon worked at Quinebaug Kennels previously for two years as a kennel care assistant and dog training assistant. She then took some time off to have a family, and now that her son Scott is 3 years old, Sharon has rejoined our team as one of our obedience trainers. Sharon grew up around dogs, she went to school for animal care and also worked as a vet assistant. Sharon has trained dogs eight years professionally and she specializes in puppy obedience, general obedience and private lessons. Sharon is a wonderful communicator and has been an energetic addition to our team assisting with client questions, follow up care, and concerns. Sharon will also be teaching some of our new group puppy classes in 2013.

Lisa Sabbadini DVM

Quinebaug Kennels is proud to announce our relationship with Dr. Lisa! Dr. Lisa Sabbadini owns Sound View Veterinary Care based out of Southern CT. She offers in home veterinary care and now will be visiting our kennel on a regular basis to oversee our dog care as well as provide services to any of our boarding and training dogs on site. Upon request Dr. Lisa will start with a physical examination. Sound View Veterinary Care is equipped to do a full physical examination on site at QK. A full exam includes inspection of eyes, ears, the oral cavity, auscultation (listening to) of the heart and lungs, palpation (feeling) of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity, an orthopedic exam and examination of the skin, coat and nails. Any problems will be pointed out to you and then further diagnosed or corrected while we are there. Dirty ears will be cleaned and long nails cut. We recommend a fecal analysis and a test for giardia on all pet's feces once a year or whenever they have abnormal stool. Your job is to provide an accurate history about your pet's appetite, thirst, energy level, physical appearance and elimination habits. You should inform us if there are any changes in these areas. That information will help the doctor to know which specific tests on the blood, urine or feces should be performed. Our doctor can do venipuncture (taking of blood), cystocentesis (taking of urine) and obtain feces for multiple types of analysis to determine the cause of your pet's problem. Dr Sabbadini can make arrangements for ultrasound to be performed at a partner veterinary hospital if necessary . We do not use anesthesia on pets at home nor do we perform any surgery in the client's home. Extended stays in any new environment combined with changes in routine, exercise, diet and stress can certainly be factors adding to your pet's overall health. Quinebaug Kennels will notify clients if we have any concerns about their dog's health while in our care. Dr. Lisa will now be on site regularly or as needed to examine our client dogs and advise and/or prescribe further care, medication or testing. All services performed will be with the sole consent of the owner and payments will be made directly Sound View Veterinary Care. Welcome to Quinebaug Kennels Dr. Lisa! We are truly excited to team up with you! For further information go to www.soundviewpets.com

Rob Becher, Cabela's Boat Sales and QK fan

Born and raised in Connecticut, Rob grew up with Collies. Dogs have always been a part of his life. His passion is his Labrador Retriever, Cody, who has been both an Orvis and L.L. Bean catalog model as well as a therapy dog for the VA. Whether during the season, or in the off-season there is nothing Rob thinks about more than the aspects of waterfowling, upland bird hunting or fishing with his lab Cody. Rob assists the QK team through sales and networking. He works full time as a salesman in the boat department at Cabela's in East Hartford. Rob helps with some of our shows and demonstrations and is always willing and able to provide great information and insight into our training program and events. Rob believes that the dedication and devotion to both dogs, waterfowling and fishing will create memories for a lifetime. Rob has hunted and fished all over and has met some of the nicest people while doing so. Rob believes the education and understanding of both dogs, waterfowling and fishing needs to be correctly taught to our youngsters, and in doing so will provide them with the same fire that burns in many of us. We sadly lost our dear friend Rob in January 2014. Rob will forever live in our hearts. His smile, kind words and contagious enthusiasm for life and his friends will always be embraced and remembered. While he may no longer physically be in our presence, his spirit will always remain a strong force with Quinebaug Kennels forever. We miss you dearly.

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